Atlantis Computing revives VDI deployment at Calor Gas

A project to deploy a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solution at Calor Gas, the UK’s leading supplier of liquid petroleum gas (LPG) has gone live after Atlantis Computing was able to deliver a 35 percent end user performance improvement over their existing storage solution. The solution, running on the Citrix XenApp environment with Atlantis HyperScale and USX storage is also 28 percent cheaper than their existing solution.   

Calor Gas is responsible for more than 900 office-based employees and remote workers, so both high performance and concrete reliability are critical for core business operations. Atlantis HyperScale and Atlantis USX have been deployed to build, support and manage Calor Gas’ new virtualized IT environment.   

 In the initial project trials, Calor Gas evaluated the VDI deployment based on Citrix XenDesktop, but significant performance issues in its existing SAN arose. Calor Gas needed a VDI solution to support resource-intensive applications and specialist software on a regular basis for remote development and external contractors, which would have required extending the SAN.   

“We needed to increase our storage performance to cope with the bursty traffic that is typical in a VDI environment, but expanding our existing storage wasn’t cost effective at all,” says Andy Browne, infrastructure manager at Calor Gas. “We initially parked the entire VDI project as a result.”

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Deploying Atlantis HyperScale offered Calor Gas a cost effective solution, which combines compute and storage into a single appliance, developed, supported and maintained by a single vendor. “The Atlantis HyperScale appliance smooths out the peaks and gives the consistent performance needed in a VDI environment,” said Browne. 

“An organization like Calor Gas requires constant high performance and reliability, and we are pleased Atlantis could play an important role in delivering this solution,” said Chris Plant, EMEA vice president at Atlantis Computing. “We continually look to transform user experience for customers working with Citrix. This achievement demonstrates how well these solutions can work together to increase business performance.”   

Calor Gas installed a second Atlantis HyperScale appliance for the new virtual desktops to support the heavy workloads of power users. HyperScale works to provide consistent performance in a VDI environment, which typically fluctuates in traffic. Atlantis Computing designed a solution for Calor Gas that provides a fully redundant storage solution. Through continual replication of both HyperScale appliances to Atlantis USX virtual platform, Calor Gas has a highly effective disaster recovery and business continuity solution along with a high performing reliable VDI.